Cool Features of iPhone OS 4.0


This time i am not going to complain about the new OS but instead state some cool new features that i liked.

The new OS will allow third party apps to run in the background while you change to another app. This means you could be playing Tap Tap revenge, then remember you have to send an email, now instead of closing tap tap and losing your potential high score you can just double click on the home button and it will bring up a horizontal list of apps that are currently running. Here you can switch to mail, send your email, then by using the double click go back to tap tap and continue on mid game.

Set Wallpaper:
You can now set any picture you like as your wallpaper. This picture will displat behind all your apps.

Bluetooth Keyboard:
This i thought was a really cool yet totally ignored feature of the new OS. It will allow users to connect, via bluetooth, a wireless keyboard to your iPhone. This can then be used to type text into anywhere. This will increase efficiency when creating notes as well as open up a new market for text heavy apps.

Now you may be thinking why am i excited about ads. Well i really cant explain it you really need to watch jobs sell it to you:P. Basically he describes iAds as being the missing link between TV ads(emotional based) and internet ads(interactivity based). iAds will allow developers ta add effective professional ads to their free apps, giving them a source of income for the app.

This will promote developers creating free apps as now they are able to gain income through it. The main feature that jobs stressed about these ads is that when you clock on the ad banner it does NOT take you to an external page drawing attention away from your current app. Instead it occupies the full screen but is able to be closed (one touch) to return you back to your original app.

Finally we non jail broken iPhone users can have folders. By dragging an app on top of another app you automatically create a folder. These folders can be renamed, repositioned and even placed in the home bar(4 favourite apps at bottom).

Gaming Centre:
I am not really a iPhone gamer so this was not a big deal to me but nether the less it is an amazing functionality that i dont think any other smart device has. In a nut shell it is XBOX Live on your iPhone. You can challenge people to games, check your achievements and also check progress through games.

In the keynote jobs admits that they weren’t the first to many of these features but he claims they will be the best at them. Fingers crossed.


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