Problems Uploading Apps to AppStore


After several painfully long hours I have just finished uploading Diet4Blood v1.2.0 to the app store. Mind you this is v1.2.0 their shouldnt be any problems uploading it to the app store because i already did v1.1.0. The reasons for this struggle:

Xcode IDE
Apples Frustrating Provisional Profiles

Whats wrong with xcode you may ask? You think it is a great IDE? Well your wrong. I mean your right it is great but its also terrible at the same time.

So the problem that i continue to run into with it is a weird set of complicated bugs. Many times you select a setting that you want to change. You change it and it looks like its done…. if only it was that easy. No instead after much digging i looked at the xcode project in textEdit (notepad for mac) and it appears that it doesn’t actually change the settings. Instead it seems to duplicate the setting and change one of them, the one that shows up in xcode, but then when compiling it uses the second GRRRR.

Let me quickly explain provisioning profiles. Apple makes the developer create a provisioning profile which links the developers Apple ID with any development or distribution devices. This allows apple to control who are developing their apps and distributing them. So I lied earlier they are a good idea but the just seem to be very buggy.

When you attempt to upload an app to the app store it sometimes tells you that it is signed with the wrong profile or not one at all. This can take hours to find what is wrong but usually it is the problem with xcode and its “fake” settings, which i described above.

So in response to sprouting grey hairs from these problems i am going to write a few tutorials on provisioning profiles and troubleshooting uploading apps to the app store.

Until next time:

“Computers are getting smarter all the time. Scientists tell us that soon they will be able to talk to us. (And by ‘they’, I mean ‘computers’. I doubt scientists will ever be able to talk to us.)”
(Dave Barry)


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