Basic Landscape Graph View


Recently I posted a basic graph view but the way that I implemented it might have made it hard for others to use. So i have rewritten this graphing engine into a project that you can download below. In this example I have made it so that the graph data is randomly generated. This allows people who are learning how a simple graphing engine works can focus on the graphing rather than adding data.

When you do want to remove the randomly generated data and insert your own data, their is a method i have already created. It is called addPoint. After you have added our data and want the table drawn you must call collectionFinished, this function will tell the view to draw itself and your data.

Note: In this example i have added the ability to scroll horizontally through your data when you have more then 460 data items. This is done through touch dragging your finger across the screen.

Please comment if you have any questions.



One Response to “Basic Landscape Graph View”

  1. great stuff! thanks so much.

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