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After several painfully long hours I have just finished uploading Diet4Blood v1.2.0 to the app store. Mind you this is v1.2.0 their shouldnt be any problems uploading it to the app store because i already did v1.1.0. The reasons for this struggle: Xcode IDE Apples Frustrating Provisional Profiles Whats wrong with xcode you may ask? […]

Diet4Blood was successfully launched today. This is really exciting to finally have my first app on the app store. iTunes: Version 1.2 coming soon.

This time i am not going to complain about the new OS but instead state some cool new features that i liked. Multitasking: The new OS will allow third party apps to run in the background while you change to another app. This means you could be playing Tap Tap revenge, then remember you have […]

As I was lying in bed at 4:30am(now) thinking about waking up at 7:00am I realized that “smart phones” are like women. They should be asthetically pleasing. They should be able to multitask. Their main purpose is socializing. They are getting more popular. And most importantly they cost alot.

iPhone OS 4.0


FIIIINNNNAAALLLY!!!! Now we can stop pretending that it wasnt a big thing that the iPhone didnt have basic functionality that all other smart phones already have. Seriously apart from iAds there is nothing excitingly new about 4.0 it is just catching up with palm and blackberry. I think apple will have to start picking up […]