As I was lying in bed at 4:30am(now) thinking about waking up at 7:00am I realized that “smart phones” are like women.
They should be asthetically pleasing.
They should be able to multitask.
Their main purpose is socializing.
They are getting more popular.
And most importantly they cost alot.


Web Systems


One of the subjects i am studying with my degree is Web Systems. Be wary it is very deceiving it should really be called “Every System”. Although it does cover some basic HTML it is really Operating Systems 101 (in unix).

Being a self proclaimed apple fanboy you would expect me to be comfortable with some UNIX but unfortunately my parents brought me up as a child on a PC (with much regrets) thus most of this coarse is new to me. Last week we had a web systems “quiz” (that is if 8 questions can be called a quiz). The quiz wasn’t bad but much of the content wasn’t necessarily covered in the lectures.

For our next assignment we have to create a web site… i wonder if a wordpress custom blog counts 😛 Probably not.

This reminds me of my tutor Ryan, he is also my lecture for programming fundamentals. If i had to describe him in one word i would say “Linux Head” (i know that is two words). So anyway he is hilarious and by far my favourite lecturer (sorry chriss wong). When he asked the lecture hall for a suggestion on a game he could make to demonstrate simple programming the first reply was “DOTA!”. This was followed by many cheers and laughter. Once the crowd settled ryan says with a puzzled face “whats Dote?”. Quite funny to most of the lecture hall… So instead he made battle ships.

In web systems we use this online system called linux gym which trains you to use linux (dahh). It also marks you on certain questions. Let me just say one thing. I HATE LINUX GYM. I mean its not that its hard no not at all its that its fuking forgetful. Just recently after completing most of the exercises for the semester i checked on my results from linux gym online, and what do you know, even though i completed every question every now and then it hasn’t recorded it properly and so i am down 5 or 6 marks from the whole semester. I know, i know whats a couple of marks over a whole year, but seriously thats just gay.

I will leave you with this quote.

“Programmers are in a race with the universe to create better and better idiot-proof programs while the universe creates bigger and bigger idiots. The universe is winning.”

iPhone OS 4.0


FIIIINNNNAAALLLY!!!! Now we can stop pretending that it wasnt a big thing that the iPhone didnt have basic functionality that all other smart phones already have. Seriously apart from iAds there is nothing excitingly new about 4.0 it is just catching up with palm and blackberry.

I think apple will have to start picking up its creativity game as it is starting to fall from its pedestal. Like yes of coarse i want an iPad but thats only because im a Apple fanboy, as i read earlier today Jobs could come out at the next WWDC and say:

“Im really excited about this as today i am unveiling the iPoo”

It would pre-sell 300,000 units and i would be one of them 😦

Hello World!


I thought the title was rather appropriate since every beginners coding book starts with this as their first example. I guess its just a tech thing. Since we never get out of the office we just say “hello world” to make ourselves feel like we are getting out and living our lives.

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Will be posting tutorials soon 🙂